Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy clarifies all the issues related to how we will use the data and information collected from users.

1. Privacy of Users below 13 Years of Age.

The website is not designed to attract the users below 18 years and thus the company do not intends to keep data of the users below the specified age. We will delete the information as soon as we find any such kind of information.

2. Cookies and IP Tracking Policy.

The website stores data other than the content which provides information on personal identity in the form of IP and cookies. So, comes under the category non personal identifiable data which also includes search history, queries submitted, Job interests, date and time, domain, advertisement response.

3. Information Collected by the Website.

The website also collects and stores the data submitted by users. User Data is kept under privacy and not shared with anyone.

Means of Data collection on Koozix Contact Forms: The contact forms on the website are made to simplify the process of data presentation by collecting the user interests and age.

Testimonials: The users providing testimonials are entitled to public display and can also be shared with our clients Forums. Views posted on forums and our comment sections are sole property of as it provides a crucial insight of consumer thought process.

4. Opt-in Mails.

The company can use data collected through the website in various ways. We update notifications in form of newsletters on customized emails. We send SMS & email personally to share information and updates of website and not to gather any personal details.